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Welcome to the Valley Gakuen PTA site, where you can get information about the activities of the PTA and the Gakuen language classes. The Valley Gakuen is part of the Valley Japanese Community Center (VJCC) on Lankershim. The school is open every Saturday, with students learning the language by learning the culture through both classroom instruction and year-round events, from summer Obon festivals to bean-throwing festival and New Year mochi making.

Experienced teachers strive to make the “living Japanese” lessons enjoyable for the student base – from the 5-year-old Nyumon class, through to teens and adult classes. Being at the VJCC gives students and their families additional opportunity to learn the culture and social customs of Japan, as on-going activities include Judo, Kendo, Karate, Calligraphy and traditional dancing for the annual Obon festival. In addition, the VJCC is itself unusual, and a historic location in the local Japanese American community, as the original 1950s center was built by the members themselves and then expanded in the 1980’s – when more classroom space was needed – by the Gakuen parents.

Please feel free to visit us if you have any questions or information needs beyond what we have on this site.
Valley Gakuen PTA
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Valley Gakuen Japanese School was established over 60 years ago. The school, along with the Valley Japanese Community Center, has grown over the years. In 1980, to handle increases in enrollment, the parents of the school constructed a new classroom building by themselves. This was a historic event in the local Japanese American community.

Historical Outline of Valley Gakuen

After World War II, many people returning from relocation centers settled in a trailer park in Roscoe now known as Sun Valley.Families trying to earn a living often neglected their children's cultural education. Seeing this, community leaders decided to open a Japanese language school, Roscoe Gakuen, in the trailer park.


Land with truck repair garage and quonset hut at 8850 Lankershim Blvd. was purchased.


Conversion of garage to classroom by Gakuen parents began and was renamed as Valley Gakuen with forming of Valley Japanese Community Center, Inc.


Completion of Community Center and first Obon festival for fund-raising was held.


Because of increase in number of students, construction of a new building started. Work done by Gakuen parents on weekend.

Fees and Tuition
Tuition: $ 70 per month (Family discount is available from the second child.)
Registration Fee: $100 (One time fee)
Textbooks & Material: $20~60 (Differs from class to class)
PTA Fee: $120 per year for one child, $130 for two and $140 for three or more.


Open House/Class try out
We have open house at the beginning of June every year. It is a good opportunity to learn about the classes and the school. Also,you are welcome to visit us whenever we have classes. Your child(ren) can have a free trial by sitting in the actual classes for one day.

Student Referral
When you refer a student to Valley Gakuen(or other schools in Kyodo System) and she/he enroles in the school and stays for more than three month, you will receive $65 referral reward. Please ask Kyodo System for detail.

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maintenance parents' volunteer
Many opportunities for Gakuen parents to be involved with the school.

  • Yard duties: once or twice a year
  • Events and activities: when your child's class is assigned to organize an event.
  • Community maintainance day: once a year
  • Summer festival: one day for the preparation and one day for the festival day.